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Why Do You Need a Patient Pod?
To have the best possible hospital experience and recovery.
Whether you're having a baby, getting medical tests or having surgery, the Patient Pod gives you maximum control over your dignity, confidence and comfort.  Your cell phone, eyeglasses, and inhaler don't get moved or lost. You have hand sanitizer right there, to offer to anyone who's about to touch you, so you can keep germs at bay. You can communicate your special need (hearing problem? allergy?) automatically, without saying a word, to every care provider that comes in your room. The Patient Pod shuttles your personal items from room to room, and keeps your notes and discharge plans neat and organized.

I saw the need for all these things while my dad spent nearly six months in the hospital. After his death, I envisioned creating a solution for all patients and families. A wonderful design team brought this vision to life. In August 2014 the Patient Pod was awarded a full utility patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office. To see what a difference this simple device can make, watch the short video on the left.

In my years representing the patient voice in health care improvement efforts, I've had the privilege of working with many devoted clinicians, patient advocates and policy makers. We all agree that
a patient (or the person you choose as your advocate) can make a big difference by actively participating in your care & recovery. The Patient Pod makes that easier.

To your good health!

Pat Mastors
Patient Pod Creator
President/ Co-Founder
The Patient Voice Institute