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Why Do You Need a Patient Pod?
To keep precious personal items safe, communicate personal needs and preferences to the staff, and help a loved one feel "seen" and valued.
 Whether you're having a baby, getting medical tests or having surgery, you'll find you have needs that even the best hospital can't fill. Ensuring your cell phone, eyeglasses, or inhaler don't get moved or lost. Communicating your special need (hearing problem? allergy?) routinely to every care provider that comes in your room. Shuttling your personal items from room to room, and building to building. Helping you manage your discharge plans, and stay organized as you move from hospital, to home, to the pharmacy and doctor's office. 

I saw the need for all these things while my dad spent nearly six months in the hospital. A wonderful design team helped create the Patient Pod. It's for families like mine who want the best for their loved ones...and to SELF-EMPOWER a loved one during a medical event. How? Watch the short video on the left.

What delights a patient? Kindness, connections and control. Your familiar things around you. Maintaining dignity and "person-hood" when you're sick and vulnerable. And yes, having tools at hand to be as active and engaged as your condition allows. 

In my years representing the patient voice on health care policy with both private and public organizations, I've had the privilege of working with some of the most devoted clinicians, patient advocates and policy makers in the nation. We all agree that as a patient or family member, you 
can make a big difference when you engage as part of your medical team. The Patient Pod gives you tangible ways to do that. I hope it helps.

Pat Mastors
Patient Pod Creator
President/ Co-Founder
The Patient Voice Institute