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Why Do You Need a Patient Pod?
You don't. As long as you're prepared to sit by your loved one's side 24/7 in the hospital, clean their hands when they need it, hand them their cell phone, eyeglasses and hearing aids, alert everyone who approaches the bed about any special need, make sure the things they touch remain clean and germ-free, have a notepad and pen on hand to take notes, and shuttle precious personal items and paperwork from department to department, room to room, and building to building. Sound exhausting? It is. I've been there. I've worked with great staff...but they change all day long. Things fall through the cracks. 200,000 people die each year of infections and medical harm in hospitals.

I created the Patient Pod to manage these predictable but critical tasks. Even better, the Pod SELF-EMPOWERS your loved one to manage these tasks. How? Watch the short video on the left.

What delights a patient? Conversations, comfort and connections. Your familiar things around you. Maintaining dignity and "person-hood" when you're sick and vulnerable. And yes, having tools at hand to be as active and engaged as our condition allows. This supports your "Golden Cocoon" of healing...which we found essential during our daughter's recent terrifying hospitalization.

I've learned you can make a big difference when you step up as part of the team. The Patient Pod gives you tangible ways to do that. I hope it helps.

Pat Mastors
Pear Health
Makers of the Patient Pod